Equity analytics and risk signals for trade strategists.
How (and how not) to build a portfolio analytics business.

Welcome to Focus Signal by Thomas Dadmun

After recovering from a decade of equity trading and a dozen years at a Fortune 500 bank, I decided to wander with purpose. With a partner and a band of interns, we built a portfolio analytics application and sold it to one of the world’s largest asset management service providers. Going from zero to one is the beginning. Writing the story inside the story explains the story.

What is Focus Signal?

  1. Alternative equity analytics for PMs, Traders, and Analysts.

  2. Reflections for entrepreneurs who believe it’s time to build.

  3. Long-form macro and short-form micro written analysis.

  4. A solo, micro-podcast covering 1-3.

  5. Distributed semi-spontaneously.

Beliefs I’m Writing and Talking About

  • Asset managers should use the best alternative data & analytics to make better entries and exits, manage risk, capture alpha, and increase AUM.

  • The future of institutional research is alt-data-driven quantitative insight written on demand without humans for custom portfolios.

  • Investment management is the intersection of financial technology and media.

Get Focus Signal to Know More, Twice

  1. Learn about using alternative equity analytics in your investment process.

  2. Learn about building a portfolio analytics fintech SaaS business.

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