Signals Pod

A solo micro-pod detailing the musings of building a financial technology business. Thomas Dadmun is the founder of Point Focal, a portfolio analytics firm helping PMs, traders, and analysts at financial firms monetize data.

22 FIL NYListen now (7 min) | Seeing, Approaching Excitement, & Innovation
21 NLGListen now (14 minutes) | Language and the Path to a Fintech Superpower
20 Twenty!Listen now (34 min) | 20, GTM, and STA Market Structure
19 Real IdeasListen now (7 minutes) | Hair on Fire User Input: Four Use Cases
18 Work Life ImbalanceListen now (7 minutes) | Appreciating the Stories of Others
17 Useful IllusionsListen now (8 minutes) | Perspective on Soccer, Fintech & Point Focal
16 The No-Plan PlanListen now (9 Minutes) | Just Keep Going
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