Focus Signal
Signals Pod
11 Crossing the Chasm

11 Crossing the Chasm

Pod Sentiment, FinTwit Signal, and Trial Silence

00:00 | Pod Titles
01:15 | Pod Energy
01:50 | All Time High Bias
03:50 | Twitter Chart Crimes & Chart Value
05:40 | FinTwit Substack Analytics?
08:10 | New EDGE Market Structure Sentiment Analytics
09:00 | Util ESG Early Adopters
10:57 | Cumulatively Appreciating Assets (Again)
12:23 | Trial Silence

*Kept the title!

Focus Signal
Signals Pod
A solo micro-pod of musings about building Point Focal. Thomas Dadmun is the founder of the portfolio analytics firm helping PMs, traders, and analysts with alternative equity analytics.
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